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Malice In Plunderland - Out Now

13 April 2023

My new album for 2023 Malice In Plunderland is a direct and honest manifestation of my feelings, thoughts and emotions relating to the last two years or more. Towards the crazy tyrannical, deceptive onslaught by the “powers that shouldn’t be” upon we, the people.

The propaganda and outright lies of the sick corporate western governments of Europe and the USA mainly and the bought and paid for mainstream medias lock stepped fear porn machine that seemingly loves to wreck and destroy all that is good and wholesome on this earth.

I would love to be writing hope filled uplifting songs and lyrics but, it would be deluded and dishonest to do so in these dark and uncertain times that are so obviously deliberately foisted upon us. Order out of chaos, divide and conquer and the age old problem, reaction, solution tactic that works only on the fearful undiscerning and brainwashed masses who believe these corrupted rotten people, if you can even call them that.

I’ve always held to the principle of an artist writing openly and honestly about the exact time in which he or she is living. To reflect the mood of the world as it is right now. In my opinion, I feel that it is almost a duty to do so.

Having said all that, the music itself has turned very well with some great musical performances and talent in the form of Kyle Fenton's drumming which he recorded for me on the very hottest day of summer 2022 minus air-conditioning the poor lad plus, the brilliant Nick D’virgilio's Drums on three songs and my good likeminded friend Geoff Lea’s superb guitar work.


Track listing

1 - Rubble And Dust
2 - Malice In Plunderland
3 - Tall And Strong
4 - Catherine Wheel
5 - Cup Of Truth
6 - Who Or Where You Are
7 - These Clowns
8 - Good Times To Come
9 - To Mock A Killingbird
10 - Downstream

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