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Crimes & Reasons

March 19th 2012


It has - I believe, been said that Steve's work is dismal, depressing and negative. The "music" is often lively enough, but the lyrics can be somewhat melancholy and gloomy. BUT - my opinion is that Steve wakes us up to what is happening around us. Themes relating to substance abuse, gluttony,ethnic cleansing, famine, old age, political corruption . . . . ! Okay - one might say - "I've heard enough about all that. I want joy and fun in my life; a bit of over indulgence!!" Well - perhaps the two go hands in hand? I don't think Steve is saying 'the world is ending, don't have fun'. Maybe it just reminds us of parallel existences; good and bad going hand in hand. Steve is a song-writer sharing his feelings; it's what song-writers do! To be honest, I find it a POSITIVE experience, it keeps me in touch.

Joined by Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel et al), Nick D'Virgilio (Spock's Beard, Genesis, Tears For Fears et al), Gary Chandler (Jadis) and the must missed Martin Orford (IQ) who comes out of retirement. The music is polished and stylishly delivered. Good melodies and rhythms mean that the aforementioned lyrics need not invade if you don't want them to!

If the picture I have painted is a little dark then I may have done this fine recording an injustice, but thematically, there isn't a lot to "laugh" about. However, I really like it and I like Steve - AND, I'm a pretty cheerful and positive person!!! I just end up counting my blessings.

A fine CD that you really get into or just listen at a lighter level.

Already Dead (with Nick D´Virgilio)
Bullets And Babies (with Nick D´Virgilio, Tony Levin, Gary Chandler)
Crimes And Reasons (with Nick D´Virgilio)
Everything Under The Sun (with Martin Orford)
Fadeaway (with Bob White, Tony Levin)
Moth To Flame (with Nick D´Virgilio, Martin Orford)
Blue Yonder (with Bob White, Gary Chandler)
Making Plans (with Bob White)
Modern Curse (with Nick D´Virgilio)
Distant Thunder (with Nick D´Virgilio)