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Update 6th June 22


I will be recording drums on the upcoming album 'Malice In Plunderland' with the excellent Kyle Fenton on the 15th June.

I hope to continue straight on through to finish it completely but, as usual, studio availability says otherwise. This being the only thing to prevent me doing so. Either way, it is very much on the way and I’m very pleased with the songs I’ve written and included on it.

Simultaneously when all’s completed, there will be a 22 minute ambient piece released called Moonwater that is tied to the Levelled record. It's certainly a “lights out, meditate and reflect” piece of music. I must confess, I'm a bit of an old Tangerine Dream, Eno etc, fan and I won’t apologise for that.

This will be a Bandcamp download only at this point.

Remember: Ignore the noise in the room, where there’s Tea, there’s hope.



Emotional Creatures: Part 3

The album is sure to challenge pretty much everybody lyrically with its controversial subject matter! 

Steve has a fresh and extremely downsized guest list of musicians in complete contrast to the past, although others may be added in the future. The drums are played by the excellent Kyle Fenton throughout with lead guitar parts played by almost a family member, Geoff Lea, an amazing player from Steve's locality. Steve plays all other instruments himself as usual. 


Little Boat (Part I)
He Who Pays The Piper
Rainy Day In New York
Waking Up
Word Salad Surgery
Psalm 2.0
The Fourth Wall
Monkey Business
I Won't Forsake Truth
Little Boat (Part II)



Please download this little freebie "My Death". The track is Steve's tribute to one of his main inspirers David Bowie.

This track was not written by Bowie however, but by Jaques Brel the controversial french musician who also wrote "Next" which was covered brilliantly by Alex Harvey, "Seasons In The Sun" by a few different artists and, the haunting "Amsterdam" also covered by Mr Bowie on the album Pin Ups.

Bowie played "My Death" at the end of his very last Ziggy Stardust gig at the Hammersmith Odeon back in the the 70s.

Steve's always fancied a crack at recording it and, did so two years back for an exercise recording on a new recording system for fun. It's been laying dormant on a drive there since then. It seemed an appropriate time to pull it out.

The track has been mixed to blend with "Island Of The Imbeciles" so people can add it to the playlist on their iPods etc. Enjoy!

Steve plays all instruments and mixed it at home. Rob Aubrey very kindly mastered it for free during a rare un-busy moment one afternoon, bless 'im.

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