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Recording News

27 April 2024

A new recording is coming that is linked to the Levelled Emotional Creatures, 3 albums, in fact! It's linked to all my albums but mainly it is the prequel to Levelled and has taken me 5 years to get to a very mentionable stage and shape.

I’m pretty stoked up about it as it’s gonna feature every guest musician I’ve ever had guesting on my albums in some shape or form if I can possibly lodge them in, sometimes treated with pro-tools kit.

I’m having a fun but torrid time trying to work on it more intensely at the moment than in the last 4 years. The parts and sound FX are sometimes reversed, sometimes tuned, slowed, speeded up. 

It’s a very very dreamy and hypnotising ambient experience for sure. 

I think it be the first piece of music I’ve made that is worthy of a surround sound mix. There are vocals and sound FX I’ve used on all 7 albums to date.

I’m gonna really take my time with this one as, it feels like my last at the moment but, who knows?

There will be two versions of it:

One filled with narration, vocal, instruments of guests from my albums and another version called “Wombwater”

On this version there will only be the kind of sounds that babies hear in the womb. Crazy, I know but, Hey! Why not? It will be interesting doing that and, I’m gonna.

It will be a digital download first and not a CD release for some months or maybe never. I’ve made two albums and released them in the time this "Moonwater” thing has been pre-occupying me.

Going back to it between Levelled and, Malice in Plunderland. And, as I say it was existing before both.

It is currently 30 minutes long and is quite an earful of headphone pleasure or, displeasure depending on your taste of course but, having said that, I’ve never really cared that much about peoples tastes and, seek only to entertain myself anyway when it comes to my music.

Always have, always will. Sorry. 😢