Emotional Creatures: Part Two (2007)

Released: April 2nd 2007

Catalogue: GEPCD1036

  1. Toxicana Apocalypso
  2. Wayward
  3. Crossfire
  4. Roundabout
  5. Hounded
  6. All The Wisemen
  7. Great Ordeal
  8. 6am (Your Time)
  9. Solace
  10. The White Dove Song
  11. Sandheads


Steve Thorne was an opening for me. If you could imagine sound like Marillion-1989 + Genesis-1973-1978 + Fish + Simon and Garfunkel;) with new fresh emotions and modern sound - it would be Steve Thorne. He is autor-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars). Songs are very melodic, atmospheric, emotional. You would listen to this album many times. This is the second part of "Emotional Creatures" cycle - so, my recomendation - please, start with the first part.

"Part Two" is more prog rock oriented with more developed parties of electronic keyboards, more darker in its mood. "Part One" is more melodic with more acoustic guitar sound. Famous musicians participated in this record - Jeff Downes (Yes, Asia), Tony Levin (John Lennon, King Crimson, Yes, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, Peter Gabriel etc.), Pete Trewavas (Marillion). By the way, if Fish, Steve Hogarth or Genesis could record such album this days - it would be a sensation among the fans.



Steve Thorne endorses Elixr Strings

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