Emotional Creatures: Part One (2005)

Released: April 11th 2005

Catalogue: GEPCD1035

  1. Here They Come
  2. God Bless America
  3. Well Outta That
  4. Ten Years
  5. Last Line
  6. Julia
  7. Therapy
  8. Every Second Counts
  9. Tumbleweeds
  10. Gone
  11. Goodbye


I only very recently discovered Steve Thorne, when flicking through a copy of Classic Rock i came across a short review of this album and a few days later took a chance and ordered it. I had a feeling it would be good but i have to admit it exceeded my expectations. Steve`s music is rich, melodic and progressive with a hint of folk yet still accessible, the songs are beautifully crafted and the lyrics very meaningful. The songs are mainly acoustic with some great flutes and ambient keyboard parts, Steves voice is strong, clear and melodic. Steve has roped in some great musicians to help out in the studio, fantastic bass player Tony Levin, Geoff Downes of Asia and Yes and Nick D`Virgilio of Spocks beard, Genisis and Tears for fears fame. Every track is of high quality and with Emotional Creatures: Part two on the way the future looks very bright indeed for Mr Thorne. I didnt have the opportunity to hear anything from the album before i bought it, trust me, you dont need to, you wont be dissapointed.






Steve Thorne endorses Elixr Strings

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